Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter, PMS, Hockey & Zombies... I swear it will make sense!!

So today is Easter or for the pagan crowd Ostara. Either way Happy Day to you!

I find myself in a funk right now.. I think it's PMS but I can't swear to it the desire for chocolate and to scream makes me think it is. I just have no desire to do much of anything. I sit down to write, get about 500 words out and then ppfflllt.. nothing. It's like all my inspiration goes right out the window and I'm banging my head....

Could be the fact that things are rough financially and I see no light at the end of the tunnel. Either way..
Yep.. not gonna care.
I know I'm usually more peppy on my blog but this one of those times that I'm just not my normal happy peppy self.  Apologies for that!!

But I can tell you that I have a solid start on 2-yes-2 new stories!!
The first is called "Hot Mess"  and it's about a hockey player walking a doggie and a woman moving into a new apartment. Yep that's all I am giving you on that one at least for right now. My hope is to have it done by April 12. It's more than likely going to be a short story maybe 20k words or less, just depends on how much I get into it when I start writing it. As the adorable Max Talbot would say...

The second is a horror/romance (is that even a genre?) that takes place in a zombie outbreak and it's going to be called Isolation. I'm going to try something new with that and mainly only have 2 characters through the entire book other than the bad guys/zombies that might present themselves. It will be gory, bloody and pretty dang depressing to a degree but have you ever watched a happy zombie movie or read a happy zombie story? Either way it won't quite be as cool as The Walking Dead, or Daryl killing vampires ((look down) but I promise Colt and Kelsey will be pretty cool.

So that is what's up in my world right now. Nothing but Easter, PMS, Zombies, Hockey and writing.. See I TOLD you it would all make sense in the end!!!
Tell me what's up in yours right now!!!!

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  1. Could Max Talbot be the Hockey Player?!?!?!? That would make my blah mood improve greatly...

    I'm with you Sista! Some days it is hard to just get out of bed...

    Power on, lil soldier!