Friday, August 12, 2011

Free Read in just 2 Days!

My first release over at Secret Cravings publishing is going to be a Free Read that updates each week.

Raised by a secret sect of the Church, Kayia Edmund has lived her life with one mission, to kill Vampires. After the murder of her parents, she threw herself into the teachings of the church and the lessons they instilled on how to eradicate the vampire population. She is willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of any and every vampire she can, especially her latest target Chance Kasen.

Chance Kasen is the lead singer of a popular rock band, a perpetual party animal, and a True Blood vampire . His brother Mike Kasen, childhood friend Ryan Glaser, and cousin Dalton Kasen form the band Destiny’s End. They are wildly popular and their fans have no idea that they are all powerful vampires from extremely powerful vampire families.

When Kayia gets her shot at taking out Chance for good, the tables are turned leaving her bound to him forever by blood, but it’s the truth she learns after that threatens to shatter her very existence.

Can she come to terms with who she really is and the betrayal that she is about to face from those she once trusted and believed infallible or will the lies and deception be too much for her to accept?

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