Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Free Read!!!

Ahhh yes this is the cover for my new Free Read that will begin on August 14 at Secret Cravings Publishing. Every Sunday I'll be posting little snippets of a novel, keep you guys guessing and interested!

It's been a pretty quiet week. My last week off before school starts back up for the kiddos and then Hubby and I also are headed back to finish our degrees. Better late than never right?

Been working on a couple things, the novel due out in January, another new idea with my good friend and fellow author Ms. Rondii Evans and watching entirely too much Ryan Reynolds. Of course there is nothing wrong with watching to much Ryan. Ever.

Hope life finds you all well and you parents out there enjoy sending the kiddos back.
You younger folk who have to go back to school. A word of advice from an old person.
ENJOY IT!!! trust me... just enjoy it!

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