Friday, August 19, 2011

School begins and other things

Well the kiddies are back in school and that gives me all of 2 days to enjoy it before I head back to college!

For the longest time I had been planning to get my bachelors in English with a concentration in Creative Writing but I think I'm going to get my bachelors in History. I love history and the details that can be found in it. History is such a rich place to get story ideas from because you can change history to fit ypur needs as an author. Artistic License we like to call it.
For instance my novel that will be released in January, tentatively called Confederate Moon, is set in an alternate history where the Civil War is actually won by the South. Everything we know is changed and the world is different.

History lets us do things like that and that is what I love about it. What if the South had won? What if Alexander the Great hadn't died when he did? What if Hitler had never risen to power? So many different things can change by changing history.
And not only that but we learn a lot about ourselves while we look at what has been done before.

Enough of my ranting.

I hope everyone got a chance to check out the first installment of the Free Read!! If not go check it out now!! You can find it HERE!

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Enuogh for now, my bed is calling me!!

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