Saturday, August 20, 2011

Canadian Hunks

Last night while I was unable to sleep, I was cruising the web for pics of some of my favorite celeb personalities. I make no qualms about my unhealthy obsession with Ryan Reynolds.
He is everything I think I could ever want in a man. Funny, sexy, abs that you could bounce a quarter off of not to mention he's got a sexy voice too and those eyes...swooon.

But then I started to really think about the guys I find attractive and it dawned on me that quite a few of them are Canadian. Mr Reynolds for one is from Canada.

Chad Kroeger from Nickelback, who I find hot as hell as well as Ryan Peake, Nickelback's guitarist, are from the Great North.

And let us not forget my list of sexy hockey hunks. Sidney Crosby, Maxime Talbot, Sheldon Souray, Rick Nash, Marc Andre Fleury, Mario Lemieux and that list goes on for awhile.

Now for those of my readers who are not familiar with hockey, let me just say that most hockey players are ripped, built and gorgeous to boot. I will post just a couple pics here so you get an idea of the deliciousness that I call Hockey Hunks.

Sidney Crosby- Such a gorgeous smile
Sheldon Souray- Tall, dark and handsome

Rick Nash- Columbus Hottie!

And last but Not least- Maxime Talbot.

All of these guys are Canadian, all hockey players and all so dangerously sexy!!
Now you can see why I've decided I definitely love our neighbors to the North!!

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