Tuesday, December 27, 2011


So just as the title suggests, my ability to update a blog is like an EPIC FAIL. I don't know what my issue is or why I can't remember but I did forget to update for almost 3 months and yeah.. I might do it again but I can assure you that I will do my darndest NOT to let this happen again!!

So what has been happening in the world of this insane and crazy author?
Well for starters, working at a new job that takes up a lot of my daylight hours since it involves outside photography, second of all, writing, writing, oh and more writing.

Worth the Wait has been number 1 for a week or so at the Secret Cravings website which is pretty exciting for me. My second release Don't You Wanna Stay? is available now and I'm really happy with how things are going.

I got the most amazing review for it at Coffee Beans and Love Scenes for my short story Worth the Wait Take a few quick seconds and read it. I am very thankful that people are reading and enjoying my work!

My first full length novel Confederate Moon is due out in early 2012! I am so looking forward to my readers and fans being able to get their hands on it. I fell in love with the characters (especially Nolan) and I think you guys will too!!

I’m currently working on a new piece with a co-author. It’s a little piece that started as role play characters that we’ve transferred to the written word. It’s going to be a bit different, working with another author but DANG if I’m not thrilled so far with how it’s going. Here’s a little tease synopsis:

Nikai and Sky are both werewolves. After Nikai kills Sky’s husband, she sets out with the intent to kill Nikai but when they meet face to face what happens between them is far from what she had planned.

I am having a ball writing this book with my good friend and I can promise fighting, backstabbing, and lots of great wolfy sex!

I did have the time to actually take in a great short story by an awesome author Kellie J Kamryn. She is an awesome author and you should check her out. You can find her webpage HERE. I read her book Monkey’s, Sex and Other Birthday Surprises I can honestly say that this book made me laugh out loud several times and I read it all in one sitting. It's a quick short read but well worth it!!

Check back in a few days for GIVEAWAYS!!! FREEBIES FOR THE NEW YEAR!!!

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