Sunday, October 2, 2011

Meet The Characters!!!

I thought we might change things up here a bit and do a little meet and greet with some of the characters that I love and that are near and dear to my heart.

Starting off our little Sunday stroll is Chance Kasen

Chance is the lead singer of the popular rock group Destiny's End and also a True Blood vampire. True Blood vampires are born, not turned. They can walk in daylight, can eat and sleep whenever they feel the need and they can have children. What they cannot do is tap into their preternatural powers unless they feed on human blood. And with plenty of girls offering themselves to him in anyway he can have them, well he's doesn't have to work too hard!

Chance, first off, does it bother you that most of your fans know nothing about who you really are?
Chance: Nah, why should it? I don't openly advertise what I am but I don't hide it either. Do people stand up and scream to the world that they are diabetic, or that they have something else goin on with them? It's a part of who I am but not everything. I'm a musician first and foremost.

Your brother Mike and cousin Dalton are in the band with you. Is music something your family encouraged you in?
Chance: Hell no!! They hated the idea that we wanted to be musicians and when we started the band they all damn near disowned us (laughs.) But it was just the three of us, we grew up listening to rock music, like any normal teenager and we picked up instruments and taught ourselves to play. Ryan's family is close to mine so he fell in with us. And his family hated his choice too. So no, our family didn't encourage us in the slightest, they discouraged it more than anything.

I'm sure the big question out there is are you taken? Is there a serious relationship in your life?
Chance: Yeah actually there is. She's pretty spectacular. She is hard headed, opinionated and strong willed like I am. We didn't see eye to eye at first but I won her over.

You didn't get along?
Chance: Not at all. She hated my guts! But I just kept pushing her and it worked. We're together now and that's what really matters.

Name your three favorite things right now.
Chance: My girl, my music and whiskey. You don't need much else right?!

Hope you guys enjoyed this little insight into Chance and look forward to Kayia's interview next Sunday to see what she has to say!!
And don't forget to read The Blood that Binds- Chance and Kayia's story at .

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