Friday, September 9, 2011

Ready for an Update?!

The edits/re-writes on the novel are flying along right now. The muse has returned and I am working hard on getting everything done in anticipation for the short story releases.
My first short story “Worth the Wait” will be available in October, followed by “Don’t You Wanna Stay” in November. These are pretty quick reads, both in the 5000 word range or around 20 pages or so.
I am so excited about how the novel has changed and progressed since it was contracted by the publisher. I am really proud of the changes I made and the things I have learned in this editing process. They say as a writer the most important thing about your rough draft is to get the story out. Once that’s done, take a break from it for a few days or even a few weeks then go back to start the first set of edits. I have found that this method works really well for me and I enjoy it.

I am finding that I love the process of editing and rewriting as much as the writing of the story. The characters have time to evolve a bit and they let you know what about their story might need changing.
As I have mentioned before I have book 2 of the series already plotted and ready to begin in November. I’m using it for NaNoWriMo which for those who don’t know that stands for National Novel Writing Month. I finished my novel last year during NaNo and I intend to do book 2 this year!
School is chugging right along for me and the kiddos. I love learning and I even am starting to understand algebra!!

Well that is about all for now. Check back for updates and make sure to download Blood that Binds every Sunday!!!

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