Thursday, December 29, 2011


So in honor of the New Year, my getting myself back to my blog, and just because I wanna, I'm giving away a copy of my second release "Don't You Wanna Stay?"

It's a hot little piece about a girl and her hot hockey player hunk. It's a very quick read too about 20 pages or so.

And a little excerpt just to wet your appetite:

“No! Not a chance in hell,” he growled as he jerked me close. His lips smashed against mine in a hard, desperate kiss. It was so forceful that it hurt and he held me there, refusing to let go of me. I finally shoved him backward away from me hard enough that he stumbled a bit.
“This isn’t going to be something you can just fix with sex!”
“Sex? Is that what you think I am doing?”
“It’s how it is with you. You get me all worked up and I can’t think straight and—”
“This is not like I was late to a dinner a date Katia! You are leaving with no good reason.”
“I saw the picture of you and Alecia! It was plastered all over Facebook and the Internet.”
“Vous ne pouvez pas être sérieux! It was a picture Kat, a photo and nothing more. You know better than to believe the Internet rumors.”
“You looked very happy. What else would I think?”
“The same thing I think when you hug Shane or Randy! They are your friends and you care about them.”
“They aren’t my ex!”

All you need to do is leave me a comment, even if it's "Hook Me Up" and on Jan 1 and I will have my dear husband choose 1 random comment for the Free Copy!!
So go ahead and start commenting!!!

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  1. I've already got it so no need to enter me. I just wanted to pop in and say.. Wow. Loved it! A fabulous way to kick in the new year.