Monday, January 16, 2012

New Work In Progress Excerpt

A little of my newest work in progress just a tease!!

“I’m not who you think I am Derrick.” I blurted the words before I could think better of it and he smiled, reaching over to lay his hand over mine.
“I know you have things you’re hiding. Hell, I think all of us here knew that you weren’t just a girl who dropped out of college. You’re too smart, too quick to know what is going on. Monica told me that you were something special. So you gonna tell me you’re some millionaire from California?”
That made me smile. Maybe I wasn’t as good at lying and hiding as I thought I was. I chewed on my lip a moment, thinking about how much to tell him.
“Nevada, Las Vegas actually,” I began, “I came here because I needed to find out who I was.”
“That sounds like a cop out if you ask me”
“No, it wasn’t. I lived a life that I loved and in one day all of it changed. I spent a year taking care of everyone else and I forgot who I was. So I ran away.”
“I don’t see you running away from anything Kels.”
“Not really another word for it Derrick, I ran away from what I felt, from what I knew I should do but then again, I had no idea who I was then. How could I be the person they all expected me to be when I wasn’t ready to be that person yet?”

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