Wednesday, March 20, 2013

HorrorHound, Authors Fair and the Grandbaby has a name!!!

So this past weekend I participated in the That Book Place's 3rd Annual Authors Fair in Madison, Indiana! Almost 60 authors of every genre imaginable came out and I was lucky enough to be a part of it!!
I shared a table with Carol Preflatish and Molly Daniels, both of whom are published with my publisher Secret Cravings Publishing.
authors fair

The day started out super windy and our tent that we were "supposed" to be under ended up flying over several tables and landing on the other side of the parking lot. Needless to say, tents were taken down and the rest of the day was spent talking to readersand other authors, making and selling chainmaille bracelets, and eating lots of yummy food!!
I also got a TON of compliments on my shirt that I wore.
daryl shirt
Yep.. I am a Walking Dead fan. I will admit it and I have been a fan of Norman Reedus since Boondock Saints. I've always thought he was adorable and now as the sexy redneck Daryl, well I find him even more attractive. That brings me to my second  subject of this blog
My bestie Cyndi, her hubby and me and my hubby are all going to Cincinnati this weekend for HorrorHound Weekend.
Now let me say that I AM NOT a fan of horror. I don't like slasher flicks or anything of the sort, I do however love the Walking Dead and a good portion of the cast are going to be there. I am more than excited about seeing them and having the chance to go to the panel where they will be talking. Norman Reedus is going to be there this weekend and I'll be getting to do a photoop with him. Of course this is a shuffle you in and out as fast as possible cant really say much to him but hey.. at least I'll have the picture right?!
We're also going to the zombie ball on Friday night and I will be doing my best to have a very cool zombie outfit on, if nothing else. I'm more looking forward to enjoying a weekend with the husband, no kids, no grandkids and no one to really answer to.
So that's on the agenda for this weekend.
On a personal note....
We found out the sexy of the grandbaby to be yesterday
Yeppers, It's a BOY. The kids have decided to name him Ethan Robert. The Robert comes from my maternal grandfather who was very close to my son. He passed away in 2008 and my son always insisted his son would be named after grampa. Well that's how it;s working out. I love the name and cannot wait til Ethan gets here in September!!
Tomorrow we are going to have a guest blog from the lovely Vicki Locey!!!
Leave a comment, let me know you stopped by!!
Friday we are going to be doing a GIVEAWAY!! FREEBIES!!!

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  1. If you want to get into the horror realm, you need to read Clive Barker... He marries Horror and Fantasy in the best way possible. Great use of words and images...As an added bonus he writes some of the best sex scenes ever...I was shocked to find out he was gay after reading what he can do with a hetero sex scene!

    If you want to start shorter Cabal is a great and shorter novella size. I really think that you would love Coldheart Canyon: A Hollywood Ghost Story...

    Don't judge him by his movies..He is much like Stephen King. Impossible to put into film his vision. Give him a try!