Monday, July 18, 2011

What the heck... another post today!!

So I think we'll start off the new blog by having the first installment of Hockey Hunks.
I guess I'm going to start with the very first hockey players that I ever thought were gorgeous.

There were 2 of them that I found super hot and one of them I still would do bad things to in a New York minute.
I was25 when I first got into the sport and the very first time I saw this man I was like..whoa.. how cute is he?! He was the goaltender for the Florida Panthers during their cup run back in 95-96. John Vanbiesbrouck. I know he works as an analyst for NHL radio or something like that.
I still think he's a pretty attractive.
I couldn't find a decent picture of him so we'll go with the small one I did find from back in the day.
 The second hockey player that made my heart flutter was Mario Lemieux. The man is still as gorgeous today as he was back in 95/96. I was lucky enough to see him play several times and even luckier to meet him, albeit briefly, back in 1997 (and in nothing more than a towel mind you.)
He is now the sort of owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Now on a side note let me say that the Pens have some of the hottest guys on the ice at this current time, followed by the Columbus Blue Jackets.
But I digress, more on the Blue Jackets later...

Here is a pic of Mario sometime in the 90s and then another when the Pens won the Stanley Cup in 2009.

I think my obsession with the hockey boys is pretty obvious. :)

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