Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kellie Kamryn Book Review!

So I thought I'd let you, my dear readers, know about a great author named Kellie Kamryn. You can find her website HERE!!

First of all, she likes Nickelback and Ryan Reynolds, therefore she is awesome coolio in my book from the get go!

But even more cool is the fact that the girl can write like no one's business!Her blog is always fun and I love checking in to see what she's doing and writing or commenting about!

I was lucky enough to get a copy of her book "Monkeys, Sex and Other Birthday Surprises" and it was SOOO good!!! You can order it HERE!

It is a laugh out loud story that has a great romance element as well as steamy hot sex, phone sex and even a pet monkey! I don't want to do the synopsis thing here because you can read that at the website but I'd rather spend some time on how real her characters are and how the dialogue sucks you right into the book.

The characters of Sam and Missy are your everyday folks, not perfect models, not the typical characters you find nowdays in erotic romances.

They made me feel connected to them right away and I wanted to meet them, to hang out and just chill with them and Missy's entire insane family. These are the kind of people I wanna know in my life and the way Kellie brings them to life is just awesome!

It's not often that I read just regular contemporary romance/erotic stories because I like the paranormal, urban fantasy genre but this book was so awesome. I read it all in one sitting. It's a nice little 40 pages or so, enough to get your feet wet but not so much that you know you're going to spend days reading it to finish it.

We all know that time is so limited now days but this is a great little read to have on your smart phone or e-reader for a doctors office visit or waiting at the DMV.

Definitely check her out and if you do, leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of it.


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  1. You're the greatest! Thanks for this awesome review :) All the best for the new year!